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Cora Sena is Eliana’s Holistic Health Practitioner. As a key member of our team, she is here to share her knowledge and experience of holistic health & wellness through alternative medicine.

Holistic Wellness

Add any of these services to a massage, body treatment, or facial, or book with Cora for a custom session of all of these and more below.

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Raise your Vibe!  During this treatment, your practitioner will use Reflexology,  Aromatherapy, and vibrational matching of essential oils to stimulate acupressure points of your feet, hands and/or ears to promote healing and deep levels of relaxation. This is achieved by increasing nerve supply and blood flow to specific body parts and organ systems. When your mind, body and soul are in balance, not only do unpleasant symptoms and stress fade away, your energetic frequency is raised which acts as another line of defense from disease and pathogens. Monthly Reflexology sessions, and regular use of essential oils, are a safe and natural way of boosting your immune system.

60 min • $125

Customized healing session where a variety of holistic modalities are used.  This is the ultimate treatment for someone who has an acute or chronic condition looking to alleviate symptoms, or for someone in need of deep relaxation and stress relief.   The healing modalities used during this treatment include, but are not limited to, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Needle-less Acupuncture, Vibration & Sound Therapy.

90 min • $150

Using a combination of strategically selected Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, your Practitioner will layer each oil down your spine, and on direct reflexes and acupuncture points of the body and feet. Once the protocol is applied, moist heat, IR light and vibration is used to penetrate each cell to promote maximum levels of relaxation and relief of symptoms. These protocols are specific to the body system condition, and over time the targeted cells will shift back into their healthy vibrational range. This is when the magic happens! You will experience changes on a cellular level that will translate into a more active life, pain free days, and an emotionally balanced state of mind. This treatment yields the best results as part of a comprehensive care plan. When combined with other holistic modalities such as Reflexology, and Functional Nutrition, life changing results can be attained. As with most holistic modalities that aim to treat the root causes of disease, you can experience deep levels of relaxation after only one treatment. If you would like to facilitate permanent cellular change, and alleviate negative symptoms, regular monthly treatments are recommended.

Combine this treatment with 30 min. of Reflexology for maximum stress and symptom relief!

single session • 30 min • $80
single session + reflexology • 60 min • $130

4 treatment sessions • $300 ($75 each)
8 treatment sessions • $560 ($70 each)

Experience the sound vibration of Ohm and other healing frequencies to feel grounded, energized and to relieve chronic or acute pain. Vibration activates the natural current of Qi (chee) that flows through the body and balances the energy centers of our body, called Chakra’s. The application of sound vibration with the use of tuning forks opens the energetic pathways where the Qi or natural life force flows. As a result, blockages are removed, increasing the flow of Qi which facilitates profound healing. Treatments utilize acu-points and the body’s meridian systems, as well as muscle groups, tendons, reflex and trigger points.

60 min • $100

The healing rays of Infrared and Near Infrared light have been studied by NASA and proven across hundreds of clinical studies to promote healthy cellular function- helping you look younger, heal faster, and most importantly feel better.

30 min • $60
60 min • $110

Add any of these services to a massage, body treatment, or facial, or book a Healing Hour Session with Cora for a custom session of all of these and more. For consult click here:

Chakra Balancing • $30
Symphony of Cells • $60
Light Therapy • $30
Tuning Forks •$30
Ionic Foot Detox • $40

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Unsure what services would benefit you most? Reach out for a consultation!

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